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We offer complete Laptop/Notebook Repair Solutions We provide very competitive prices for quality laptop repair service. Our experienced laptop repair technicians specialize in all makes and models of laptops and notebooks motherboard repair on component level. We can offer Some of Quick Laptop Services. Laptop LCD screen replacement Laptop keyboard replacement or broken keys repair Hard Disk Drive (HDD) replacement DC power jack repair or replacement Dim display repair or LCD backlight replacement Cooling system service (Cooling fan repair or replacement) Dead motherboard repair (No power) Loose or broken DC power jack No power / Dead motherboard No display or dim display Lines on screen or broken screen Graphics problems or frozen screen There is power but no boot, no P.O.S.T. or black screen Shutting down randomly caused by overheating Motherboard damaged by spilled water or juice Keyboard, Hard Drive and CD/DVD drives repair or replacement System running slowly Viruses removal Upgrading or Downgrading operating systems System hung up or frozen or blue screen Data backup and recovery Call our Customer Care & Get a Solution for your Laptop Problems.
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